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FoshanNanhaiPingdiJianGuo Vibrator Factory, also known as JG,is a professional large-scale manufacturer specialized in developing and producing all kinds of concrete vibrators locates in Foshan,Guangdong. It was established in 1985,with a long history more than 30 years.“JG” is a reputed trademark in China.Everybodytakes“JG”as a symbol of “high quality” JG owns three production bases and one sales center. Our leading products are including external concrete vibrator,internal concrete vibrator, concrete vibrator spear, water pump, vibration motor and other related accessories. JG furnishes itself with a strongly practical and fully experienced team, Gathering a batch of actual elites that once have been in the charge of important positions, t…

  • ·Y series vertical type

  • ·ZF220-50,ZF300-50

  • ·ZFD70-50

  • ·ZFD110-50

  • ·ZN220

  • ·ZND110

  • ·MY振动棒

  • ·方棒

  • Address:North of Dongyue Street,Yanbu Flat,Dali Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China
  • Tel:0086-757-85778803 0086-757-81086545
  • Fax:0086-757-85778803
  • Website: www.jgvibrator.com
  • E-mail:jianguovibrator@hotmail.com